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Food Labelling Modernization Initiative Phase III Discussion Paper and Questionnaire:
Engaging on Key Proposals to Modernize the Food Labelling System



As part of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) Food Labelling Modernization initiative, we would like to continue engaging with you on ways to improve the current food labelling system.

This discussion paper and questionnaire builds on what we heard from you during our first two phases of engagement. In phase I engagement (2013-2014) we asked you for your issues in the four key areas of food labelling, namely:

  • Roles, Responsibilities and Partnerships
  • Regulations
  • Policy and Program Development
  • Service Delivery

In phase II of consultation (2014-2015), we obtained your feedback on the ideas and options to modernize the system.

In this third phase of consultation, we would like your feedback on our key proposals which include modernizing regulations and establishing a risk based approach to ensuring truthful and not misleading food labelling.

The regulatory proposals presented here represent the culmination of more than three years of study and engagement that brought together consumers, industry, government, health professionals and others. These proposals are guided by principles that focus on outcome based rules, empowered consumers, responsive industry, risk-based intervention and improved compliance. Together we have taken a major stride toward a modern and innovative system, and together we will see the changes through, to the benefit of all.

To understand the issues that we are trying to address, the options we have presented in earlier engagement, and what we heard from stakeholders, it is recommended that you read these documents before completing the questionnaire:

The questionnaire has three parts:

  1. Demographic information to help us better understand your perspective
  2. Background on the purpose of food labelling regulations and food compositional standards
  3. Specific proposals to modernize regulations and establish a new approach for consumer values claims that appear on food labels.

The CFIA invites your feedback on the proposals outlined in this document. On average, it should take approximately 45 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Please answer all questions and provide your comments where appropriate. Include examples in your comments if you can. If you have no comments, please put N/A in the box to allow for you to continue with the rest of the questionnaire.

You can save your feedback and return to the questions at any time by clicking on the "save" button at the end of each section.

The questionnaire will remain open until March 14, 2017.

While the Food Labelling Modernization (FLM) initiative will concentrate on the areas within its focus, we will direct any comments or issues that fall outside of this focus to the appropriate government organization, as needed. We will continue to work with Health Canada and other government organizations to align our modernization initiatives.

The feedback we receive will be compiled and analyzed, together with all comments we receive in this phase of engagement. A report of what we heard will be shared on our website.

Any possible future recommendations that require regulatory change would follow the normal Canada Gazette process and include further consultations. The CFIA and Health Canada will endeavor to align the coming into force date for label changes.

We have been using a variety of ways to communicate the progress of this initiative at each stage of the process. To stay informed, you are encouraged to visit our website at Food Labelling Modernization Initiative. If you would like to receive notifications on future FLM engagement, please sign up to receive email updates.

To contact us, email CFIA-Modernisation-ACIA@inspection.gc.ca